Engraved in Memory: How to Turn Your Souvenir into an Heirloom

Hand Engraver Lynn Zelesnikar at work

Lynn Zelesnikar plies her trade in the relative anonymity of an upstairs room behind the Silversmith Shop. Leaning over a small stand in the middle of a crowded desk, she is performing surgery on a minuscule piece of silver, carving in someone’s initials. This is the exacting work of hand engraving, an art that has become dramatically underappreciated—and undervalued—in this age of machines….

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Mysteries of the Mace: Understanding What You’re Watching When the Fifes and Drums March

You’re standing along Duke of Gloucester Street admiring the Fifes and Drums as they march by when the person next to you wonders aloud what all the wide gestures signify. Or maybe you’re watching a video after Drummers Call when your significant other isn’t sure why they’re wearing white frock coats. Well, here’s your opportunity to look really smart as we offer some help so you can “read” the signs and signals of the corps….

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