Busted Heads: What We Do When a Drum Gets Damaged

Repair room in the Fifes and Drums Building

Drums break. Especially drums that get as much use as those belonging to the Fife and Drum Corps. (I will not be the one to blame the youthful exuberance of teenagers.) But even broken drums can be redeemed, an exercise that, when time allows, takes place in a smallish back room of the Fifes and Drums Building. Stewart Pittman, the leader of the corps, showed me how he goes about doing some of the repair work….

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Ghosthunting in Broad Daylight: Uncovering the Secrets of the Robert Carter House

Robert Carter House "Building Detectives" program with Curator of Architecture Willie Graham.

“We’re looking for ghost marks,” explains architectural historian Carl Lounsbury. Spots, discolorations, bumps, ridges, holes, puckers, and other scars—we’re on the lookout for a whole host of imperfections. Not to cover them up, but to record them. As participants in the new Building Detectives program, we have a unique opportunity to observe and actually contribute to a new study of one of Williamsburg’s most historic homes.

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How to Talk to a Costumed Interpreter in 7 Easy Steps

Art Johnson, Donna Wolf, Bill Rose and Daniel Cross

“We get that this is a weird job,” says Nicole Brown, who portrays Hannah Powell on the streets of Williamsburg. She and her colleagues know all too well that speaking to someone who is “living” in the 18th century is outside the comfort zone for many people. Which is why I asked a group of our talented folks to tell me what advice they would offer guests who may be reluctant to engage the living part of this historic town….

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Be Our Guest! Let Us Take You Inside Our Historic Buildings (Part 2)

Capitol Sun Wayne Reynolds

In my previous blog, we began a trip down Duke of Gloucester Street, focusing on the Historic Sites, mapping out what is around them, as well as other helpful information to assist with planning your next trip. We want you to make the most of your visit and hopefully this will be a helpful tool for you, in addition to our other travel blogs and the online calendar.

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Be Our Guest! Let Us Take You Inside Our Historic Buildings (Part 1)

Cindy McEnery Palace

There is so much to see in our Colonial Capital that we know it can quickly become overwhelming! That is why we have been posting different travel guides for families, fans, and specific groups of people—all ahead of our busy summer season. We’ve talked about everything from our Historic Trades sites to our Art Museums to special programming and even dining choices. Today, I’d like to talk to you about some of our guided historic sites tours. Because yes…. I really, really love our buildings!…

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