Lord Dunmore: Beneath the Kilt

Dunmore Reynolds portrait kilt

Lord Dunmore is the cartoon villain of Williamsburg, the dastardly royal governor who tried to quash the Revolution, first by making off with the town’s gunpowder, then by offering freedom to slaves owned by Virginia’s rebels. But is there a more complicated truth beyond the moustache-twirling scoundrel?…

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Our Adorable Twin Lambs Need Names and We Think You Can Help!

Taliaferro-Cole pasture with twin lambs and their mother in the Taliaferro-Cole pasture with Elaine Shirley from Coach & Livestock. Shot for Sheep Week

It’s become a tradition that we know (or at least hope) many of you look forward to each year. In April, the social media team rolls out what we have dubbed “Sheep Week.” And for five glorious days, you’ll get a dose of cuteness that’s bound to bring a smile to your face. (Because seriously, who doesn’t get just a little bit happier at the sight of our lambs?). And we always start… with a naming contest….

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An Inside Look at Our Fife and Drum Corps Over the Years

A Fifes and Drums practice March 2016

It was 1958 and the leader of the newly-created Colonial Williamsburg militia needed fifers to accompany his drummers at militia musters.  One night he appeared at the front door of a residence on Duke of Gloucester Street with a handful of fifes. This is just one of the tales you might hear on the Behind the Field Musick tour with John Harbour, one of its original members….

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