Guest Blog: Why Our Art Museums Are the Hot Places to Visit This Winter!


As I write this, the fire in the fireplace is crackling and the temperature outside is a single digit. My desire to go outside does not exist. I realize, as a born and raised New Yorker, I have experienced some cold weather, but there is a reason I moved south. And, mostly, Virginia does a good job of delivering the nice weather. But as we sit here facing a month or so of particularly cold weather, I am revisiting one of my favorite parts of Colonial Williamsburg… The Art Museums!…

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Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK at First Baptist Church

Nearly two centuries after Thomas Jefferson declared that “all men are created equal,” the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a nation still torn by racial division and oppression closer to fulfilling the promise of that founding ideal. Today we honor Dr. King as one of America’s most transformative and courageous leaders. I believe we can all strive to build on his legacy by continually seeking ways—large and small—to ensure that our cherished principles of liberty and equality hold true not just for some, but for all….

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What Would the Founders… Drive?

Bryan Austin as James Madison in a Ford Mustang

Americans love their cars like no other people. We consider what we drive to be extensions of our personality, or reflections of our values. With the Detroit Auto Show underway this week, I was wondering what the men and women of our Revolutionary generation would drive if they were around today. So naturally, I asked the folks who interpret them on the streets of Williamsburg….

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Let Freedom Ring Challenge: The Common Bond of Faith

LFR-BellAs the nation marks its 240th birthday this year, so does one of its oldest African-American houses of worship:  Williamsburg’s historic First Baptist Church.  Founded secretly in a Green Springs wood amid revolution, it has survived and thrived through enslavement, Civil War, segregation and today’s continued struggles for equality….

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