Name our lamb!

Name the Lamb

We’re asking for your help again this year to name the Colonial Williamsburg lamb. Last year, you gave us William and Mary.

It’s a new year and we have a new lamb. This woolly addition to our Leicester Longwool family needs a name.

Everything WILLIAMSBURG will bring an ewe and a lamb to the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market from 8:30 a.m. to noon on Saturday, April 19 — weather permitting. They’ll be at a booth just outside Everything WILLIAMSBURG new location at Merchants Square on Duke of Gloucester Street. Take some photos, talk with coach and livestock staff, and suggest a name for the newborn.

Watch for the announcement of the winning name on Facebook


  1. Mary Beth Roland says

    Auggie for George Washington’s father Augustine or Mary in honor of his mother.

  2. Sarah says

    If this lamb is a girl, her name could be Felicity. If the lamb is a boy, his name could be Benjamin.

  3. Cendy says

    If the little lamb is male, call him Tobias, (Hebrew) – Ezra 2:60 – “the Lord is good.”

    If the little lamb is female, then simply call her Sarah, (Hebrew) – Gen. 17:15 – “lady; princess; princess of the multitude.”

  4. Raymond Brannen says

    “Snow Flake”

    Because lambs start out lovely and white and we wish they would stay that way…

  5. Ron Clark says

    I think it should be Peyton if a male or Betty if a female. After the Randolphs since they were prominent in Williamsburg and the Independence of American.

  6. Joan Cresimore says

    Since this type of sheep came from George Washington we should call it George if male and Martha if female. If we have a William and Mary we must have a George and Martha.