Become a spy in Colonial Williamsburg’s new "RevQuest: The Old Enemy"

By Claire Weaver

Visitors can become revolutionary spies in Colonial Williamsburg’s latest interactive, alternate reality game: REVQUEST: THE OLD ENEMY™.

The adventure has already begun online, where questors can join the Committee of Secret Correspondence, complete their first mission, and receive their Spy Score. Once they arrive in the Revolutionary City, questors will go undercover and work with the Committee’s agents about town to secure a critical alliance. They will need to use extreme discretion, however; not all the spies in the colony’s capital are working for the patriots and the fate of a nation rests on the success of this mission.

At the end of their mission, questors attend a secret meeting that will determine the future of America. There they will receive a special prize and a password to continue online where they will learn whether the larger mission, in which they played a critical role, will ultimately be successful.

Since Colonial Williamsburg launched its first REVQUEST: SAVE THE REVOLUTION!™ game in 2011, more than 83,000 people have played at least one of the four installments. Want to know more about participating in REVQUEST: THE OLD ENEMY? Here are some frequently-asked questions:

Where do I start? On arriving in the Revolutionary City, all questors should check in at the Visitor Center, William Pitt Store or Lumber House Ticket Office to receive their Set of Orders. Game materials also are available at the Williamsburg Inn and Lodge for hotel guests.

How long does it last? The entire quest takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete, but visitors can spread their covert operations throughout one or across multiple days. During the course of the mission, there are certain timed meetings that questors must attend.  Learn more about the schedule and when players can begin the mission.

Do I need special equipment? Questors who own text-capable cell phones should bring them, but those without access to a messaging device can still participate.

How much is it?  Any visitor can become a revolutionary spy with a Colonial Williamsburg admission ticket.

Where can I learn more? Check out this podcast coverage of Colonial Williamsburg’s educational programs, including REVQUEST: THE OLD ENEMY™.  Here are some other resources:

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Claire Weaver, a student at The College of William and Mary, is a Colonial Williamsburg Foundation intern.



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