Spring begins today! Here’s how to enjoy it in the Revolutionary City

Spring begins on Thursday, March 20, at 12:57 p.m., to be precise. It’s finally time to begin enjoying the new season of events and programs around Colonial Williamsburg.

Here are some of the top activities in the Revolutionary City this spring. For more information, check our Spring Break page.

  1. revquestRevQuest: Save the Revolution. See the Revolutionary City through the eyes of an undercover agent. Using your top-secret orders and your cell phone, move through the city to find and solve clues. Text in your answer, and you’re one step closer to solving the mystery.
  2. gardenHistoric Garden Week.The historic area of Colonial Williamsburg is a popular stop on the Historic Garden Week in Virginia tour, April 26-May 3. On Tuesday, April 29, the tour features five locations in the Revolutionary City.
  3. chinese-porcelain.ashxFashionable China. Chinese export porcelain was popular with 18th-century colonists, as it indicated wealth and status. The “Chinese of the Most Fashionable Sort” exhibit will open March 15, with a particular focus on pieces with histories in Virginia.
  4.       Fifes and DrumsDrummers Call. On May 16-18, celebrate the traditions of 18th-century military music and explore the important roles played by fifers and drummers. Units from the U.S. and Canada join Colonial Williamsburg’s Fifes and Drums to perform grand displays of period music.
  5. Beer and WhiskeyLearn to Brew Beer. Attend a hands-on workshop to learn how colonial brewers transformed hops, barley water and yeast into beer. It’s part of the 68th Annual Colonial Williamsburg Garden Symposium.


  1. Edward Douglas says

    My wife and I will be in the Revolutionary City on March 19 (last day if Winter but close enough to Spring) to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Reservations at Shields Tavern for our special dinner!!

  2. Susie Ellicott says

    Are you sure Garden Week in Williamsburg takes place on Tuesday, April 26? Last I saw, the 26th was Saturday, the day before Art on the Square. 🙂

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