Skilled with a needle? This special "wedding" event needs you.

Embroidery sample

Embroidery sample

Historic Jamestowne is planning a special event on April 5, 2014 – the reenacted wedding of Pocahontas and John Rolfe, marking the 400th anniversary of the legendary nuptials.  In a collaboration between Historic Jamestowne and the Colonial Williamsburg Costume Design Center, Pocahontas’ wedding jacket also will be recreated with help from volunteers.

Embroiderers of all skill levels are needed to help finish the garment.

“This is the first time Jamestowne has done this kind of project,” said Julie Zellers-Frederick, Preservation Virginia’s volunteer coordinator. “We are calculating 300 work hours to make the jacket.”

The replicated garment will be based on the Falkland Jacket in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. While the exact jacket piece is not known, the Falkland Jacket dates from the same time period and is representative of the kind of jacket Pocahontas might have worn for the occasion.

The jacket will be black embroidery on white linen, with depictions of mythical and realistic creatures, flowers, insects, fish and other animals specific to Virginia. The original Falkland Jacket is embroidered with pictures of mythical and realistic animals.

Applicants will be sent a sample swatch of fabric to complete, on which they will demonstrate the types of stitches required.

Volunteer embroiderers are invited to contact Julie Zellers-Frederick at or 757-856-1259.


  1. Pam Alexander says

    I would like to be involved with this fascinating project. Have been doing needlework for over 50 years & it would be an honor to help out in any way.

  2. Diane Kemper says

    Have done different types of needlework for about 50 years including embroidery, needlepoint, and counted cross stitch. Would love to be involved with this project. Let me know how I can help. Thank you

  3. says

    It would appear you have highly qualified stitchers available–even teachers of stitchery! Perhaps my best work would be on the design and commentary on the authenticity of the mythological aspects of the pattern. Let me know how I can best help! Nokomis

  4. Jane Bell says

    I have done many type of stitches on many embroidery projects over 40 years and am interested in participating in the making of this jacket. Also, I called just a few min. ago & left my name & phone no. on voice mail for Ms. Frederick-Zellers.

  5. says

    I can embroider with moderate skill. Nothing too fancy or too intricate. Mostly I would like to be a “commentator” on the authenticity of the mythical figures in the pattern. I have two degrees in Classical Languages [Ba, MA] with translation of ancient literature to include descriptions of mythlogical figures and characters. Studies in Classical Art and Archaeology assist in representation of these.

    I currently teach to our Tribe the resurrected Powhatan [Patawomeck] language and, as you know, Pocahontas’ mother was from the Patawomeck Tribe [Powhatan Confederacy] and she was visiting with our Tribe when she was kidnapped.

    Nokomis [Rebecca L. Guy], Elder, Patawomeck Tribe

  6. says

    I know and have taught stitching. Please send me a sample with the stitches you require. I have been to the Jamestown site several times in the last 20 years. The last time in Nov of this year. I am retired as of nest week and would love to work on this project.

    6047 Elm Lane Matteson, IL 60443

  7. Jan says

    I can’t embroider, so don’t bother sending me anything. I just want you to know that I think this project is fantastic!

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