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Armoury Grand Opening

November 15-17, 2013

Dedication on Saturday, November 16th at 3 p.m.

When we posted our first Armoury Blog entry in September, 2010, this was the event we were waiting for!  

After more than three years of digging, treading, molding, splitting, pit-sawing, hammering, painting, and much research, James Anderson’s Blacksmith Shop and Public Armoury will open to the public in its completed form in mid-November.  Many of you have joined us for events along the way: the Anderson Kitchen frame-raising in the fall of 2010, raising the frame on the Blacksmith Shop in August 2011, the Blacksmith Shop opening in March 2012, and the Tin Shop frame-raising in December 2012.  As we move into November, we hope that you, our faithful blog followers, have one more celebration left in you!

The weekend of November 15th through November 17th marks the Armoury’s Grand Opening.  Throughout the weekend, blacksmiths, tin men, cooks, coopers, wheelwrights, and armourers will enliven the site with the practice of their trades.  Historic Trades carpenters will put  finishing touches on the Armoury’s fences while, in the southeast corner of the yard, the “First Oval Office,” a reproduction of George Washington’s Revolutionary War field office and sleeping marquee (and a joint project of the Museum of the American Revolution and Colonial Williamsburg) will be displayed for the first time.   

A ceremony to mark the formal dedication of the Armoury complex will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, November 16th in front of the James Anderson House on Duke of Gloucester Street.  This 30 minute program will include guest speakers, remarks about the site’s historical significance and reconstruction, and a special thanks to Forrest E. Mars, Jr.  Capping the event will be a cannon salute from the Armoury yard which will be “answered” by artillery at Market Square, the Military Encampment, and the Capitol. 

We hope that you will be able to join us; to admire this great addition to the Historic Area, to celebrate all who made it happen, and to be celebrated as supporters of the effort! 


  1. Ed Glaser says

    Sadly, I won’t be able to be there. You’ve all done such a phenomenal job of letting us feel that we are a part of the process that I’d love to be able to celebrate your success with you.
    I will continue to check out the webcams over the weekend and we’ll be rooting for the insurrectionists. Best of luck!

    • Meredith Poole says

      Mary Anne,
      Was just preparing to answer your question in the affirmative when we received word that George Washington’s tent will be set up at the Secretary’s Office rather than at the Armoury, as originally planned. Unfortunately, it appears that the Capitol webcam does not have a wide enough reach to encompass this area. I am certain that there will be pictures of the tent, however, which we will include in the post-Opening re-cap.

  2. Jim H. says

    I’ll be there on the 16th for sure. Wouldn’t miss being with Ken, Steve, Mark, Chris, and the rest for this!

  3. Rick Brouse says

    well…as suspected….WAY too many things happening on the home-front to get down to the dedication. After all these years of following these projects, I guess I’ll have to miss it. No one is more distraught than me! Oh well. To all the fellow bloggers who ARE attending…HAVE A GRAND & WONDERFUL TIME! Make Sure there are an abundance of pictures posted on C.W.’s F.B. page! And to the WHOLE C.W. team…..Words of praise and gratitude would simply not do justice to your gallant efforts. HUZZAH!

    • Meredith Poole says

      Sorry you won’t be with us…the opening won’t be the same without you! There will certainly be lots of pictures to give you as close an experience as we can.

      Your comment prompts the question: do we have many blog followers who are planning to attend the opening? If so, we’d like to have some sort of a “reunion.” Please weigh in to let us know when you might be here and available!

  4. Margaret says

    nothing to do with the opening. but could someone go into the house with the camera aimed at the courthouse and turn it back to the tree?? That happens to be the most gorgeous fall tree and I have pictures of it from different years. I was looking forward to watching it change and then the camera was re-aimed. Help!!

      • Meredith Poole says

        Margaret- you must have friends in high places! I inquired about moving the camera, and was unable to make it happen. Good for you! It IS a glorious tree, isn’t it?!

  5. Kerry Lancaster says

    I have always loved the many different types of fencing at CW and now the Armoury complex is getting its finishing touches,could you share with us who or what trade in the 18th cemtury came up with the different peaks and design? Also what was the wood of choice and
    finishes, white wash vs paint ?

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