Find your way around the Colonial Parkway shutdown

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Motorists planning to travel to Colonial Williamsburg should be aware that portions of the Colonial Parkway may close unexpectedly due to the government shutdown.  According to the National Park Service, the parkway will be closed in phases, beginning with the portion between Jamestown and Route 199/Kingspoint.

More sections will be closed as the government shutdown remains in effect. In addition, all recreational areas along the parkway will be closed to public use during the shutdown.

A portion of the Parkway — between Route 199 at Kings Point to Jamestown Island — was closed early Tuesday, Oct. 1. Motorists were stopped and asked to turn around at a barricade manned by police.

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, the access road to Colonial Parkway in front of the Victory Center will be closed, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation. However, the section between Route 199 and Jamestown Island will be reopened at that time.

According to the National Park Service, there will be no park activities allowed during the shutdown.

Other closures around Colonial Williamsburg that will be in effect during the shutdown, according to the National Park Service, include:

  • ¬†Historic Jamestowne: All areas and facilities are closed to the public, including the visitor center, glasshouse and Island Drive.
  • Yorktown Battlefield: All areas and facilities are closed to the public, including the visitor center, tour roads, Moore and Nelson Houses, beach picnic area, and parking lots and concessions in Yorktown.
  • Cape Henry Memorial: All National Park Service areas are closed to the public.



  1. Livonian for Liberty says

    This closure is pathetic. Another example of the feds trying to make life unnceccessarily difficult for us. If the police can stop motorists at closed sections they can certainly patrol the Parkway, Closure of the Yorktown and Jamestown historic sites is understandable given the federal government closure. Closing the Parkway is an abuse of government power and example of the arrogance of the federal government.

    Livonian for Liberty

    • says

      Amen to Livonian for Liberty. Total stupidity and an abuse of power. Everyone in this country should take note and vote every single Senator and Congressman out and vote in all fresh, new representatives. They think they can get away with murder and it’s about time we show them, if they don’t do their jobs, they get fired, just like anyone else!

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