Colonial Beauty

beautyAmidst the 18th century’s concerns about freedom and liberty were the eternal concerns of health and beauty. Try your hand at some colonial cures for dry hands, dull complexions, and dirty hair.

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  1. Kay Miller says

    My husband and I are leaving tomorrow after having enjoyed our third visit here this year. We have learned something new even at repeat visits to various sites and events.
    We have stood in blazing sun and pouring rain wishing for shelter at bus stops or where there were long lines and delays for entering programs.
    We have left the restored area early in the day because of discomfort and not being able to find a resting place. Can’t you offer us some shelter and benches in protected areas?

      • says

        We continue to look for ways to provide our guests with both shelter and seating while balancing the authenticity of the look of the Historic Area. Specific current projects are improvements to the coffeehouse backyard which provides guests with a shady place to sit and view programming and a temporary structure at the Courthouse so that guests will not need to wait in the direct sunlight as they wait for programming.

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