What do today’s students expect from a college education?


“By going to the College I shall get a more universal Acquaintance, which may hereafter be serviceable to me; and I suppose I can pursue my Studies in the Greek and Latin as well there as here, and likewise learn something of the Mathematics.”

–Thomas Jefferson to John Harvie, Shadwell, January 14, 1760


  1. Tamra says

    To a certain degree, we believe the religion of a candidate does matter. There are some religions out there with very strict guidelines and, depending upon the individual, they could try to force those guidelines into our own lives. We also want to make sure that the beliefs and values of a candidate line up with our own.

  2. Joey says

    We believe that students today deserve the right to a just and affordable education. College tuition nowadays is so ridiculous that i think that future applicants begin to lose hope in even getting in at all. But for those who do still have hope, today’s students expect to have a college environment that best suits them, and have teachers that help them succeed and dont just let them fail.

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