Welcome the new webcam

Armoury webcamA new webcam joins the quartet of views of the Historic Area. Watch crews of archaeologists, researchers, tradesmen and historians collaborate on the reconstruction of the Blacksmith’s and Public Armoury.

Begin this month with views inside the Blacksmith’s shop, and check back often as this roving camera changes locations along with the action.

Visit our webcams.

Learn more about the Blacksmith’s and Public Armoury.


  1. Eileen C. says

    What a delight to see another webcam running again. I so enjoyed watching the Charlton Coffee House as it was being worked on. I’m a frequent visitor to Colonial Williamsburg but live in Minnesota. To be able to watch the webcams really keeps me feeling like it’s the next best thing to being there. I have the webcam up each day – it’s one of the windows I keep open on my computer and refer to it several times a day. I just wish by some electronic magic that there would be sound accompanying the cams. But I’m sure having sound would not be audible since there is so much activity going on. Keep up the good work, CW.

  2. says

    Without the dedication of the archaeology staff the footprints of Colonial Williamsburg would be undiscovered. For two summers I have been given the honor and privilege of volunteering with Meredith Poole and Andy Edwards as they and their interns and the Wm & Mary Summer Field School Students ‘dig.’ It is hot and dirty work but the rewards of discovery are worth it.
    It pleases me to see a webcam at the Armoury site. Actual field work pictures will enhance the viewers Williamsburg experience and give them a greater understanding of the professional and dedicated staff of the archaeological department.

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